Thursday, August 20, 2009

Computer Problem? Call Chong!

I often have friends, colleagues and family members call me in hysterics, explaining how their computer has stopped working just when they have something urgent that he or she is working on. Once they’ve calmed down enough to listen, I say one word – Chong!

I met Chong Lee, the owner of Nextech Systems several years ago when my desktop computer needed an increase in speed and memory. I was amazed at how quickly he updated the system, removed a virus or two and eliminated start-up items that were slowing my system down. Chong did all of this for a lot less than what I would have spent to purchase a new system and all in my own home. Since that day, Chong has helped me through secure network configurations, wireless printer configurations and virus removals. Whether I ask him to visit my brother, my sister, my friend or my colleague at their home – he is there.

Chong has a convenient storefront (in the Spaccarelli Shopping Center), but for so many people I know it is absolutely wonderful that he is willing to travel on-site to diagnose and repair a computer.

The next time you are in need of computer repairs or are looking to purchase computer peripherals, software or video games, make sure that you visit Chong.

NexTech Systems
238 Sam Mill River Rd.
Millwood, NY 10546
Tel: (914)762-2611
Cell: (585)230-3014

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